I have been working in the Visual Effects industry for the past 9 years. I am currently the Head of Layout at Scanline VFX Vancouver specializing in camera staging, 3D environments and cg shot composition. I posses a solid CG skill set, skills that include animation, previs / post vis cinematics, motion capture, dynamics and tracking.

Work Experience / Film VFX

'300: Rise of an Empire' - Lead Layout Artist - Dec 2012/Present (Scanline VFX)
Supervising a team of 15 Layout artists on full CG shots builds, integration of tracked cameras, 3D rotomation and character animation. Helped in the development of  Scanline’s Layout pipeline between 3DS Max & Maya for Flowline integration, Lighting, 3D asset tools and provided full animation of all non character based rigs

'Man of Steel' - Layout Artist - April 2012 (MPC)
Primarily working on the 'post-vis' elements incorporating tracked cameras into the cg environments, maintaining absoulte continuity between shots. To keep shots consistent within the updated sequence cuts I was tasked with providing additional animations on various elements including character rigs, cg cameras and background cards.

 'World War Z' - Layout Artist - February 2012 - (MPC)
Integrating Jerusalem / Bus land environments with Dauphin chopper animation for zombie pyramid shots. Incorporating zombie crowd simulations and motion capture, re-animating / re-timing attacks and take-downs. Composing shots of zombie tentacle and using various motion capture clips blending between live action and cg characters.

'Prometheus' - Layout Artist - November 2011 - (MPC)
Initially working on full cg sequences at varying scales to achieve a 'grandiose feel' to the alien home world integrating live action shot cameras with cg sets (Wadi-rum & Iceland) and space-ships. Composed various shots of Alien Pyramids, animated Silos, Rover shots, Magellan & Juggernaut (Prometheus ship interiors and exteriors) and POV's from Captain Janek's crew from the Magellan airlock overlooking alien planet.

'John Carter' - Layout Artist - April 2010 - (Cinesite)
Tasked with addressing asset management of the 'Zodanga' walking city, and working from the ground up for full cg shots for 'Palace of light / Helium minor & major'. Integration of Halon previs within Cinesite pipeline generating CG cameras, building Mars environments, Corsair & Flyer animation and cg set dressage. I also managed scenes involving 'Woola & Tharks' Double Negative shared shots.

'Avatar' - Layout Artist - May 2009 - (Framestore)
Responsible for laying out and managing multiple digital assets from the Weta digital pipeline, integrating models, motion capture animation and cameras meanwhile supervising junior members of the team. Other tasks included generating and tracking stereoscopic cameras and object tracking for facial mask replacements.

'Where The Wild Things Are' - Tracking Lead - November 2008 - (Framestore)
As a Tracking Lead I supervised a team of five people of varying skill and experience levels. The work involved advanced object tracking to capture the characters head performance with the added challenge of using the track to extract a texture from the footage using camera projection and UV unwrap.

'The Dark Knight' - Motion Capture & Facial Animation - November 2007 - (Framestore)
Using a combination of Movimento, Matchmover and in-house tools and techniques, the tasks included the motion capture of Aaron Eckhart's performance as Harvey 'Two Face' Dent and also providing the facial animation. This involved a high level of precision for close up shots where the digital make-up effect had to blend seamlessly into the real face.

'The Golden Compass' - M-Rig Tracking Lead - April 2007 - (Framestore)
For the shots where Lyra, the films young female protagonist had to ride a digital polar bear, I lead the work of tracking the cameras and the mechanical rig that represented the polar bear, and also Lyra, to help create the interaction between Lyra and the bear. This was critical for fur interactions and Lighting.

'Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix' - Creature TD - Aug 2006 - (Framestore)
I was involved the simulation of dynamic of muscles and skin for the centaur creatures. This involved combining both Maya & Houdini. This sequence also involved working as a Environment TD projecting 2D Mattes through 3D cameras within the forest scenes. Other tasks included modifying and skinning 3D rigs to accurately drive dynamic simulations, bodytracking and camera tracking.

Commercials & TV

Supersize Earth - BBC / Discovery Channel / Prime Focus Broadcast (2012)

Primeval - BBC /  Framestore Longform TV (2007)

Prehistoric Park - BBC / Framestore Longform TV (2006)

Kia ‘Hamsters’ - Framestore Commercials (2010)

Sony Ericsson ‘Speaker Rebirth’ Framestore Commercials (2009)

Audi ‘Urban Carver’ - Framestore commercials (2008)


Maya / Renderman / Nuke / 3DE / Match-Mover / Boujou

Education & Qualifications

Luton University - BA Hons 1998 - 2002
Media Production and Animation (Grade 2:1)

London Institute LCP (London College of Printing) 1997 – 1998
GNVQ Advanced in Media Arts


Stanley Dellimore - MPC (Head of Layout / Previs) Tel: 020 7434 3100
Felix Balbas - MPC (Rigging supervisor) Tel: 07538 315 489

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